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Asset Labels on different assets pictured in multiples; PPE helmets, hospital wheelchairs, laptops

Asset Labels and Tags

Efficiently track and manage your valuable assets and property with Saito’s barcode label solutions. Our high-quality asset tags, tickets, and labels are encoded with unique identifiers, providing you with the perfect tool for asset tracking and property management. Similar to car license plates, these labels ensure each item is easily identifiable and traceable. 

Whether you require a simple name and ID number or a comprehensive Rating Plate or Nameplate, Saito offers a wide range of customizable products to meet your needs. Discover our diverse product solutions and streamline your asset management process today.

Permanent White Asset Labels

  • Traditional white synthetic labels
  • Durable with a permanent adhesive
  • Bonds well to rough and uneven surfaces
  • White polyester material with outdoor durability
  • Excellent heat, tear, and chemical resistance
  • Cost-effective asset labels
  • Custom logo prints available
  • Monochrome printing on demand as required

Museum, Archival & Library Asset Labels

  • Labels designed for marking special collections and artifacts
  • Valuables remain intact and readable when properly affixed
  • Material: Thermal Transfer Acid-Free Polyester
  • Opaque, gloss white material
  • Acid-free adhesive for non-invasive labeling
  • Excellent flexibility with chemical and tear resistance
  • Specialty acid and wood free label materials available
  • Ensures proper identification without degradation or alteration
  • Great permanent bond to many museum and archival surface types

Self-Laminating Asset Labels


  • Unique Code-N-Seal® design
  • Durable self-laminating labels
  • Each blank label has a clear laminate beneath it
  • Suitable for printing your own labels
  • Peel off the backing and apply the label
  • Apply the laminate over the label for protection
  • Protection from abrasion, chemicals, weather, and sunlight
  • Blank labels compatible with standard thermal transfer printers
  • Resin or wax/resin ribbon can be used for printing 

We have been putting in place cost-effective, failsafe solutions for 30+ years for leading manufacturing and distribution companies.

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Ask Us

Ask us about our Asset Labels and Tags Solutions, or any of our other label and tag solutions.