Saito Labels Limited (Saito) and TimberSmart have had a very longstanding and healthy partnership relationship. TimberSmart provides information systems specifically for the timber processing and trading industries. Whereas Saito provide the timber processors and traders with labels and tags. We refer to these as media tokens. These are used to identify a product that has been treated or a pack in inventory or ready for dispatch. So work hand in hand together.

TimberSmart Data Process e1506569834324

At WoodTECH 2017 Rotorua, TimberSmart joined Saito to showcase the new drone scanning technology. The drone has the ability to travel up to the top stack and using camera photographs the entire label / tag. This innovative technology eliminates ladders or scissor lifts and allows staff to accurately stock take simply and safely. Staff are no longer between stacks should an earthquake occur or stack stability.

This is phase one of an exciting development. Please see the promotional clip –

Warehouse TimberSmart Logo TimberSmart Drone Hover Scan RED

Drone Flying Warehouse

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