On December 6 2017 Saito posted advance notice to its clients of pending price increase. Now the December report from “think tank/data amalgamator” www.industryedge.com.au has forecast increases double what we had anticipated.


The report covers many aspects of all types of paper which does have an impact on label base stock pricing. “For sure specialist grades will rise even higher as producing mills seek to recover from 4 years of very low prices – our customers have benefited from these low prices in the last few years” comments Gavin Hodder Founding Director of Saito Group.

Extracts from the full report can be read with a free subscription to the above www page.

It even appears rationing of supply may be activated in NZ and Australia as producers move output to bigger markets where costs of transport is lower and volumes growing. Saito is working closely with suppliers and clients to lock-in supply arrangements and forecasts for forward supply in 2018.

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