Saito is proud to announce that we recently achieved HACCP certification of our production area that manufactures labels and tags produced specifically for the food and medical industries.

While our products are for secondary and tertiary food packaging use we have (as always) raised the bar and achieved certification well in excess of the legislative requirements – This means that our clients can be certain that product produced by Saito is both fit for purpose and produced in a certified controlled environment.

We have invested a great deal of time and resources into further developing our manufacture processes, systems and protocols, to ensure we remain focused on continuous improvement company wide.

Our commitment to producing high quality products consistently, and without presenting any risk of microbial, chemical or physical contamination during the process is all part of our evolution, ensuring we continue to meet our current and future client needs.

In addition to the HACCP certification Saito continue to develop the security cell where the manufacturing processes and systems are designed specifically to manage product where there is a high sensitivity or security risk.

Other product sector specific manufacturing areas include:

  • Working tag manufacture and finishing
  • Variable data controls and finishing
  • High definition inkjet technical R&D laboratory

If your business has specialized requirements, challenges or you would simply like a fresh set of eyes to assist, then please call the Saito team to discuss how we can design a solution (and not just supply a product) that meets ALL of your needs.

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