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­­­Providing consumers with safe food of the nature and substance both intended and expected from the food labelling, is a key and legally defined requirement for all food manufacturing businesses. In New Zealand we take this for granted but food exporters know all too well that their product may well be targeted by counterfeiters. Food contamination is the root cause of approximately 420,000 deaths each year (World Health Organization, 2015), food fraud and counterfeit costs are difficult to estimate but could be >$40bn (PWC, 2016).


Saito can help with Traceability:


Trust is like the air we breathe — when it’s present, nobody really notices. When it’s absent, everyone notices. This quote by Warren Buffet applies to all business, but it is especially important in traceability within food manufacturing and distribution industries. In simple terms – traceability/product tracing should be able to identify at any specified stage of the food chain (from production to distribution) from where the food came (one step back) and to where the food went (one step forward).

In addition, one up/one down traceability can be easily lost in commodity products that are blended (e.g. milk from multiple farms in a dairy) or dissected and mixed through the supply chain (e.g. animals for meat production). With such complexity, it soon becomes impossible to verify the provenance and quality standards of specific products.


To pick an order and issue it to the food manufacturing line it can be done via a pick slip and a pen to check off what is required. But most warehouse operations are seeking greater accuracy through scanning of the goods required in order assembly. Some sophisticated systems also require the team member to scan the location to ensure they are picking the right product. Increasing productivity and pick accuracy!

Most food manufacturing warehouses operate rotating stock on a First In First Out (FIFO) basis.  If a food manufacturer relies on its employees to know where stock is or to arrange SKUs in alphabetical or numerical order to find it, stock can be lost or difficult to locate in either a chiller or dry goods store with fluctuating volumes and human error.  Whereas if you give SKUs a dedicated “home” location in the warehouse it is more efficient to manage.


For food manufacturing this is vital with product expiring team members must choose the right batch. Some organisations are even serialising their cartons to ensure team members pick the right stock to  issue to production.

Therefore, the ability to trace food items within and along a supply chain is a legal requirement by all members within the chain. All food businesses must manage food safety by deploying traceability systems, these can be manual paper based or electronic. It should start with the purchase order of ingredients which is then receipted in at inwards goods. Then issued to food production recorded as finished goods. Then again to fully record when and where it was dispatched to. 


There is always a variance between what production say that they produced and what the warehouse said it receives. Therefore, there will be stock discrepancies.

 Whether an annual, twice per year or rolling stocktake warehouses are required to take stock of their goods on hand and to match them with stock recorded on their system. Most stocktakes are performed “blind” where a team member scans in the product and creates a file to upload and compare with the stock in the system. A stocktake can be done via a printout and a pen to record what is counted. Most warehouses seek to scan goods for speed and accuracy purposes.

Saito Can Help with Provenance Starting with your Inwards Goods:
  • Ever-Peel labels; for re-application and tracing needs.
  • With quality location labelling for:
    • Totes
    • Racks or beams
    • Uprights or totems
    • Bulk floor or wall applications
Saito Can Help You Pick and Issue to Food Production Pack and Dispatch:
  • Permanent, Chiller and Freezer Grade Labels
  • FloorCode™ Streamline options for floor label and laminate solutions for tough warehouse environments and freezer storage.
  • With quality location labelling for:
    • Totes
    • Racks or beams
    • Uprights or totems
    • Bulk floor or wall applications
Saito Can Help Your Food Production:
Saito Can Help Your Stocktake:
  • Label printers to print high quality and lasting barcodes for your product and/or locations for easy and accurate scanner reads
  • Custom printed labels for either your product or your locations.
  • With quality location labelling for:
    • Totes
    • Racks or beams
    • Uprights or totems
    • Bulk floor or wall applications

Saito can help with Product Integrity & Security:

Product Integrity & Security is about keeping your product secure through every step of the supply chain.  Brands are diminished in a heartbeat through counterfeit substitutes. This is an area Saito are continually working on with our key network of global partners as we all know that we only one step ahead!

Brand and market share protection have become an increasingly difficult challenge for many of our clients, with the increasingly adaptive and skilled counterfeiters emerging in all industries globally. The solutions for each application are unique and dynamic furthermore the solutions to counterfeit attempts available on the market are evolving at such a pace we cannot list them fast enough!

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