HACCP Certified

HACCP is a process of Hazard Analysis (which could be also applied to Health and Safety), then the setting of CCPs (Critical Control Points) for a proactive approach to Food Safety.
As a manufacturer Saito is extremely aware of the need for safety. While our products are for tertiary and secondary application in the food industry (no direct contact), as a company we have accreditation for HACCP, to give all our clients assurance of our process and just as important, to get a full understanding of the regulatory needs of our clients.
Saito’s label and tag products can assist you with your identification needs and contribute to your HACCP programme.

We Can Help You:

Products Available:

  • Location labelling and magnetic racking solutions (ensure your products are clearly separated)
  • Tags to mark faulty equipment (pending repair)


As a New Zealand owned business of over 30 years working in manufacturing we have developed many in-house solutions to ensure the well-being of our staff and sustainability of our business. We have also assisted various industries across a wide range of challenges – allow us to share these experiences with you.


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