Steel & Construction

Saito have been assisting the Construction and Fabrication industries, with tagging and identification of a large range of products such as; steel, tubing and mesh over the last 30 years. We’ve learnt a huge amount about your industry during that time, and have created a range of labels, tickets, tags and machinery to cope with the harshest of climates.

We Can Help You:

  • Keep track of product through every process of fabrication, in your supply chain
  • Make sure the identification lasts in a supply chain prone to extreme weather conditions
  • Identify your stock in an accurate and timely way

At Saito, we offer steel and construction businesses both equipment and tags for identification, packet labelling and a range of other processes. Tags and tickets that fit your conditions so we have a range of weights specially developed for these harsh conditions, using a premium product developed specifically for Saito’s clients; Handi-Flex.

Products Available:

For extra reassurance, Saito’s GS1 barcode certification means that your barcodes will comply with global standards. This integrates your barcodes with your wider supply chain, creating smoother stock and asset management.


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