Warehousing & Logistics

Labelling must work very hard in your business. The right system gives significant efficiency gains – things are found quickly and rapidly moved to where they need to be. We have many products that can assist you with your location management and inventory controls.

We Can Help You:

  • Improve warehouse operations with everything from robust floor-mounted labelling to stand-out shelf labelling systems
  • Keep track of goods on the move with portable hand-held scanners and labellers
  • Use barcodes and technology to improve productivity, accuracy and traceability
  • Manage all your business processes with innovative multi-part labelling
  • Monitor all your products in real-time and from a single interface so that you know where your goods are, where they need to be and where they are going

Over a million packages a month move with Saito sourced courier tickets or labels.

Products Available:

  • Location and Product identification labels
  • EverPeel® plastic rack, row, bin and shelf labelling solutions
  • FloorCode™ floor label kits
  • Plain labels for LPN or goods receipt
  • Plain or coloured labels for pick, pack and dispatch of goods
  • Universal freight labels (e.g. NZC, Courier Post, Post Haste, etc)
  • Thermal printers (industrial, desktop and portable)
  • Printer transfer ribbons
  • Barcode imager scanners
  • Tethered and portable scanners
  • Rugged tablets
  • Range of stock items available, all dispatched within 24 hours of ordering

For extra reassurance, Saito’s GS1 barcode certification and verification means that your barcodes will comply with global standards. This integrates your barcodes with your wider supply chain, creating smoother stock and asset management.


Warehouse & Logistics

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