Over the last three decades, we’ve helped many of our retail clients manage the pressures in their business. From online retailing to stock management and theft, we’ve developed products and services to cut costs and increase efficiency.

We Can Help You:

  • Use date labelling to track perishable items to minimise waste
  • Monitor all your products from a single interface so that you know where your goods are, and where they need to be
  • Make real time adjustments in the supply chain to meet changing circumstances
  • Monitor pallet and carton labels through ambient, chiller or freezer conditions, as well as warehousing and transportation
  • Label ingredients and content information including genetic modification and allergy notes
  • Give your retail business the edge with strung swing tickets and hang tags that are custom designed for your brand
  • Hold on to your sales with anti-theft systems

Retailing is highly competitive. We have products and advice to support your supply chain, stock management and merchandising, including the market leading hand-labellers from Meto and Saito.

Products Available:

For extra reassurance, Saito’s GS1 barcode certification means that your barcodes will comply with global standards. This integrates your barcodes with your wider supply chain, creating smoother stock and asset management.


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