Steel & Construction


Saito can help with Traceability:

Steel Beam Tag
Steel Pick
Steel Bundle Tag
Steel Stocktake
Saito Can Help Your Lot Traceability For MTR Received at Inwards Goods:
  • Sequential number and barcode label or tag each roll of steel with the: –
    • Mill it came from;
    • Date received;
    • Batch or reference number;
    • MTR reference.
Saito Can Help You Pick and Issue to Steel Fabrication Line:
  • FloorCode™ Streamline options for floor label and laminate solutions for tough warehouse environments.
  • With quality location labelling for:
    • Totes
    • Racks or beams
    • Uprights or totems
    • Bulk floor or wall applications.
Saito Can Help Your Steel Fabrication Production:
  • Label printers to enable staff to: –
    • Print labels or tags on demand
    • Tags that are common size for Strumis Software application;
    • Tags that are common size for aSa Software application.
Saito Can Help Your Stocktake:
  • Label printers to print high quality and lasting barcodes for your product and/or locations for easy and accurate scanner reads
  • Custom printed labels for either your product or your locations.


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