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Labelling your warehouse - Different types of racking labels, floor labels and retro-reflective labels

Racking Labels

Enhance your location management and inventory control with our cutting-edge Racking Labels .  Designed for efficiency and automation, our labels are essential for the warehouse, shipping, and distribution industries. With Saito’s reliable system, you can swiftly locate and transport items, ensuring accurate picking, sending, and delivery.

  • Floor Location Labels – Built for durability, our labels can withstand forklift traffic while remaining scannable. Drive your operations forward with confidence.
  • Vertical or Upright Cards (Totem Cards) – Optimize location barcoding with our cards featuring arrows and color coding, enabling quick and intuitive staff direction.
  • Retro Reflective Labels and Signs – Tired of climbing up the racking to scan products? Experience long-distance barcode scanning capabilities with our reflective labels and signs, improving visibility and efficiency.
  • Location and Product Identification Labels – Are you looking for a “permanent removable” label solution? Our innovative Ever-Peel Labels offer adhesion and easy removal, providing repositionability, seamlessly transitioning from racks to products to quality documents, ensuring comprehensive traceability, flexibility and convenience with our dynamic label system.
  • Operating in sub-zero environments? Our Freezer labels are specially engineered to withstand temperatures as low as negative 20 degrees, ensuring optimal performance even in extreme conditions.


Rest assured that our labels comply with global standards, thanks to our GS1 barcode certification and verification. This integration with your supply chain enables smooth stock and asset management, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency.

Discover our range of Warehouse Label products:

  • Racking Labels
  • Upright marking
  • Pre-printed labels and Tags
  • Warehouse signage
  • Inventory control materials (such as “Hold” “QA” or “Rework”)
  • Staging area signage
  • EAN Compliance such as SSCC labels
  • Stocktake labels and tags.
  • Floor coding
  • Despatch Labels
  • Shipper Labels
  • Courier Labels
  • Thermal Printers
  • Barcode Software

At Saito, we understand the unique needs of your products and warehouse environment. We are committed to delivering exceptional labels that enhance accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.

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Ask Us

Ask us about our Racking Labels Solutions, or any of our other label and tag solutions.