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Barcode labels for asset tracking and property management are typically encoded with unique identifiers, and in fact, many people compare asset labels to car license plates.  Asset tags, tickets, and labels are used to keep track of all your valuable assets and property – from office furniture to equipment, tools, computers, fixtures, and much more. Whether you want just your name and a distinct ID number or a complete Rating Plate or Nameplate, Saito can assist across the board, here are some of the product solutions we offer:


 Permanent White Asset Labels

Our most popular asset label is the traditional white synthetic label. These durable labels feature a permanent adhesive to bond to rough and uneven surfaces. This white polyester offers outdoor durability as well as excellent heat, tear, and chemical resistance. One of our most cost-effective asset labels. Custom logo prints are available although most are printed monochrome on demand as required.

Museum, Archival & Library Asset Labels

Marking special collections and artifacts should be handled with extreme care. Saito can provide labels that keep valuables intact while remaining readable when properly affixed. Thermal Transfer Acid-Free Polyester – This opaque, gloss white material contains an acid-free adhesive for non-invasive labelling, as well as maintaining excellent flexibility with chemical and tear resistance. Specialty acid and wood free label materials ensure a proper identification that won’t degrade or alter specimens with time.  Great permanent bond to many museum and archival surface types.

Self-Laminating Asset Labels

The unique Code-N-Seal® design is a perfect solution for printing your own durable self-laminating labels. Each blank label comes with a clear laminate beneath it. After printing, simply peel off and apply your label, and then apply the laminate over it. After the laminate is applied, your asset labels are fully protected from abrasion, chemicals, weather, and sunlight. Blank labels are able to be printed on via any standard thermal transfer printer with a resin or wax/resin ribbon.  

Asset Label Videos

We understand various requirements from setting up a new warehouse, to maintaining approvals such as HACCP, or Health & Safety through use of identification.

Saito is GS1 accredited, so you know that we know our stuff. We also have NiceLabel and other labelling specific custom designed software to help control variable information, ensuring from one order to the next there will be no duplicate printing.

Products Available:


Asset Labels

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