Barcode & Numbered Tags



If you don’t have a printer in house, you don’t have the labour to run it, or simply have better things to do with your time, Saito can help you. We have a specialised VIP (Variable Image Printing) studio set up specifically for these requirements.

We can manufacture specialised Tags or Tickets for you, using our premium Handi-Flex product, then we can add what you need; sequential numbering, barcodes, any information you require.

Saito are GS1 accredited, so you know that we know our stuff. We also have custom designed software to help control variable information, ensuring from one order to the next there will be no accidental duplicate printing.

Such tags are using in a wide range of industries, Timber and Logging, Marshalling and Transport, Manufacturing and Processing. Saito have worked with these and many more, developing solutions to assist in Tracing and Tracking product, quality assurance and Lean processes.

All products are manufactured using a premium product developed specifically for Saito’s clients, Handi-Flex™.

Products Available:

Warehouse Coding and Label Solutions
Blank loop tags in stock lines
Colour coded tags and tickets
• Timber and Treatment Tags
Strung or metal eyelet services
• Tethered and portable barcode scanners
Thermal label printers (industrial, desktop and portable)
• Blank and custom printed labels and tags


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Barcode & Numbered Tags