Comprehensive Range of Printers


Whether you require a basic desktop printer, or an industrial print solution for all day printing, Saito has the right printer for your business needs.

As label printer specialists Saito supply and service a full range of label printers ranging from entry level desktop printers to rugged industrial-class, wide-format barcode label printers and portable label printers that suit a wide range of environments and industries. We also have full range of consumables and compatible supplies for major printer brands.  Saito's independence means our focus is on getting you the best printer for the job. We can help you link label printers to everything; your PC, barcode scanners, an ERP system, weigh scale or even your smartphone & rugged tablet.

Not sure what is the right label printer for your application? Talk to one of our team members or engage via our DNA (detailed needs analysis) process. We take into consideration factors like “mission critical”, the printer must be dependable, work in cold, wet or dusty environments. Don’t let un-readable labels in your business cause confusion and delays in handling goods and materials.  Our range of label printers give you the ability to print anything from barcode SKU labels, sequentially numbered data, or pallet labels with your batch details embedded.  WE understand that when a printer fails it can halt operations. Clients have saved money, time and space through our practical advice.



















In New Zealand, we also have a service department for return to base repairs and when required a call out service in the greater Auckland area, as well as loan units available for those further afield.

Don’t forget to ask about the media, we can supply you with all your label, tag and ribbon needs.

Need to know more about these products, see our Brochures below or contact us -

Saito HandiJet Brochure

DLXi Brochure

Advantage Brochure

TSC TE-200 Range Brochure

TSC TDP-244 Brochure

TSC ME240 Brochure

The perfect progression from hand labelling into inkjet with an HP Cartridge

DLXi Thermal Desktop Label Printer

Advantage LX “Mission Critical” Desktop Printer

TE200 SERIES – High-Performance Desktop Printers

TDP-244 Compact Desktop Direct Thermal Printers

ME240 Industrial Value Thermal Label Printers

TSC MH240T Brochure

TSC TTP-286MT Brochure

TSC TTP-2610MT Brochure

Saito EasyPrint III Brochure

MH240T Industrial High Speed Thermal Label Printers

TTP-286MT 8.5” wide Industrial Thermal Label Printers

TTP-2610MT 6.6″ wide Industrial Thermal Label Printers

Thermal Transfer Overprinter – Standard or Rugged Control Box & Print Head


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Comprehensive Range of Printers

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