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Date Coders and Price Markers use an internal ink roll to stamp information onto labels, which can then be applied to your products.  Date code or Price mark your products on location with a hand-held gun; using labels for Best Before, Packed On, or your own custom brand.

We’ve spent decades refining the perfect design for New Zealand, Australia, and the Asia Pacific regions. We have our own market-leading hand labeller range under the Saito brand, and to give you maximum choice, we also manage the Meto brand in New Zealand.

We have hand labellers for all operating environments; from local business, Fruit & Vegetable shops, Deli’s and bookshops to industrial packaging stores for small goods, fresh produce and dairy.

Labellers can print anything from one to four lines of information and labels are easy to load. Our range is lightweight yet strong enough for heavy retail and industrial use.

We can also manufacture your own custom brand of labels – simply ask our client services team for more information on this service.

If you’d like help to choose the right-hand labeller, we’ll help you match the right tool to your application or you are welcome to find help from our nationwide network of resellers.

Saito New Zealand also have a service department for return to base repairs and when required a call out service in the greater Auckland area, as well as loan units available for those further afield. For information about our warranties please refer – Warranty Specifications.

Need to know more about the Saito Range or the Meto Range, follow these links –


Saito Universal Handlabeller

Saito Universal Labeller One liner

1 Line Price Marker
– 8 Digits Each Line


Saito 1 Handlabeller

Saito 1 Price Marker

1 Line Price Marker or Date Coder
– 8 Digits Each Line


Saito 16 'Smart Lock'

Saito 16 HandLabeller Label gun

2 Line Price Marker or Date Coder
– 8 Digits Each Line


Saito B20 Date & Price

Saito B20 Price Marker Label Gun

2 Line Industrial Pricemarker or
Datecoder – 10 Digits Each Line


Saito 28 & Saito 36

Saito 28

Price Marker or Date Coder – Up to 3 Lines
28 characters or 36 characters
Industrial Labeller


Meto Eagle 1 Liners

Meto Eagle 1 liner Label Gun

– 1 Line, 7 Characters 


Meto Eagle 2 Liners

Meto Eagle 2 liner

 –  2 Lines, 10 characters
Industrial Labeller


Other Meto Products

Meto Proline Ink

Check with us for Labels or Ink Rollers
to fit your Meto Labeller


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