Direct to Pack Printing


Saito are a solution based company and we have taken on and delivered inkjet printing projects that other companies have shied away from, we can do this because we draw from a wide range of equipment manufacturers and local service providers.  Therefore, Saito treat every ink jet project as unique and work towards the best solution in terms of technology, ink and budget.

One of our successes has been our NEO non-porous hi-resolution inkjet system. Printing on non-porous surfaces such as; glass, plastic and metal using UV based inks containing initiators which are hardened (or cured) into a solid immediately after passing by a UV lamp.

NEO’s forte is in the ability to print hi-resolution text, image and barcodes, downward facing on non-porous packaging with UV inks to a height of 70 or 140mm.

To suit the varying needs of package labelling, we offer Neo Inkjet solutions complementing our label solutions.

We Can Help You:

  • Meet regulatory compliance through printing and tracking systems
    • Printing hi-resolution barcodes, text and images on secondary packaging on opposing or adjacent sides
    • Printing variable data such as a nutritional panel on a single serve pouch
  • Use date labelling to track perishable items to minimise waste
  • Monitor packaging through ambient, chiller or freezer conditions, as well as warehousing and transportation
  • Protect the integrity of your food with anti-counterfeit “best practice”
  • Neo Inkjet solutions can print on a wide range of substrates

We also pride ourselves on delivery partnerships, with conveyer or engineering companies to deliver a total solution


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Direct to Pack Printing