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When self-adhesive labels aren’t the right fit. For a quick way to attach your information to fabric on location, a Fabric Tagger is what you need. These tag guns are used primarily in merchandising, as a clothing tagger where the gun is used with plastic tags to punch through product and tag.  We also have the Meto Loop Fastener, designed to attach tags without needles for perforation. It uses a unique design to attach the nylon loops on both solid and delicate items so you can add a pricing, branding or safety label.

Saito sell both Tagging guns and the tags and pins to use in them, check out the different kinds of “pins” and even hooks you can use in them in the brochures below.

As well as the tag guns, there are options for using the plastic tags without equipment. Sometimes for smaller projects, or when you have a tricky application, where the gun simply doesn’t fit/suit. We also sell the plastic pins that you can manually loop without the purchase of a gun.

Not only can we supply you the clothing tagger to attach your tags, but we can also print your brand and supply the card tags as well!

Need to know more about these products, see our Brochures below –

Saito Tagging Tools Brochure


Meto Tagging Tools


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