Hi-Res Piezoelectric InkJet


Piezoelectric Drop on Demand (DOD) was invented in the 1970s. Hi-Res Piezoelectric Inkjet uses a piezoelectric material in an ink-filled chamber behind each nozzle instead of a heating element. When a voltage is applied, the piezoelectric material changes shape, generating a pressure pulse in the fluid, which forces a droplet of ink from the nozzle.

The innovative temperature and drop volume control technology, ensures a low consumption and a reliable print out and it becomes a great tool for cost-saving on the production line.

Saito are a solution based company and in the past, we have taken inkjet print projects that other companies have shied away from. We treat every undertaking as unique, working towards the best solution in terms of technology and budget.

There are great benefits of a Hi-Res Piezoelectric Inkjet: –

  • Piezoelectric inkjet uses either an oil based, or UV based ink.
    • Ink management is simpler with no requirement to cap a cartridge during open time or non-production;
    • Inks are non-solvent and non-aqueous and therefore do not experience the evaporation of these items leading to clogged print head;
    • The non-pressurized ink bottle contains oil-based ink, 100% mineral oil free. It can be replaced without having to stop the printing process, which avoids having to stop the production line to change the consumable;
    • Also, the low migration and low viscosity UV LED curable ink, stored in non-pressurized ink bottle, can be replaced in non-stop mode.
  • Piezoelectric inkjet printhead.
    • Is available in three sizes 17mm, 70mm and 140mm (The 140 consists of two 70mm heads stitched together);
    • The industrial oil ink-based marking system is designed to print messages 70 mm height, of high contrast, using eco-friendly oil-based ink, at resolutions up to 180 x 720 dpi and speeds up to 110 m/min (DPI & substrate dependant). Applications are printing directly on secondary packaging such as corrugated board cartons, cardboard trays and paper bags.
    • The industrial UV ink-based marking system is designed to print messages 70 mm height, of high contrast, using UV-based ink, at resolutions up to 180 x 720 dpi and speed up to 110 m/min (DPI & substrate dependant). The ink is passed by a UV curing led lamp; again, in this way it is possible to avoid any problem related the ink drying on the print heads and into the hydraulic circuit. Applications are printing directly on aluminium, glass, ceramics, metal, painted surfaces, plastic and expanded polystyrene. The UV Ink can print on both porous and non-porous substrates.

This Hi-Res Piezoelectric Inkjet Printing Technology is easy to install and integrate into any production line.  This industrial marking system is designed and manufactured to print: texts, images, logos, symbols and 1D/2D barcodes. The system is primarily monochrome printing in black ink on whatever substrate you choose to print on, check out our label solutions for ideas. In many cases this allows for generic cartons to be printed on demand offering operational savings and averting storage of individual carton stock.

We Can Help You:

  • Print regulatory IPPC coding and other regulatory information directly on to timber
  • Monitor packaging through ambient, chiller or freezer conditions, as well as warehousing and transportation
  • Neo Inkjet solutions can print on a wide range of substrates
  • We also pride ourselves on delivery partnerships, with conveyor or engineering companies to deliver a total solution

Brochures Available:

Saito MRX Brochure

MRX 140 Brochure

MRX Bi-Colour Brochure

MRX UV Brochure

LCX Brochure

LCX UV Brochure


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Hi-Res Piezoelectric InkJet

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