Hi-Res Piezoelectric InkJet


Hi-Res Piezoelectric InkJet uses a piezoelectric material in an ink-filled chamber behind each nozzle instead of a heating element. When a voltage is applied, the piezoelectric material changes shape, generating a pressure pulse in the fluid, which forces a droplet of ink from the nozzle. Piezoelectric inkjet allows a wider variety of inks than thermal inkjet as there is no requirement for a volatile component and no issue with the buildup of ink residue.

Saito are a solution based company and in the past, we have taken inkjet print projects that other companies have shied away from. We treat every undertaking as unique, working towards the best solution in terms of technology and budget.

One of our successes has been our NEO porous hi-resolution inkjet system, printing on porous surfaces such as timber, paper and cardboard using an oil-based ink. This is hardened or dried into a solid soon after printing.

To suit the varying needs of tricky or tough applications, we offer Neo Inkjet solutions to complement our label solutions.

We Can Help You:

  • Print regulatory IPPC coding and other regulatory information directly on to timber
  • Monitor packaging through ambient, chiller or freezer conditions, as well as warehousing and transportation
  • Neo Inkjet solutions can print on a wide range of substrates
  • We also pride ourselves on delivery partnerships, with conveyor or engineering companies to deliver a total solution


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Hi-Res Piezoelectric InkJet

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