Inline Thermal InkJet


Select Inline Thermal InkJet (TIJ) printers can use fast-drying solvent-based inks and can print at speeds up to 220 feet /minute.

Many manufacturers produce different products on the same line, and the time required to change out packaging can really add up. On the other hand, the time required to modify a printer message with an on-demand printing solution is usually only a fraction of the packaging changeover time. That’s where Inline Thermal Inkjet Printing can help in reducing changeover time,  particularly important for smaller manufacturers and copackers who change products or packages multiple times per day

Benefits of Thermal InkJet include a small footprint, maintenance simplicity, and ease of integration into production lines. Unique to TIJ is its ability to print tall, high-resolution codes, images, and text up to two inches in height without slowing down the production line. Traditional TIJ printers are ideal for printing on porous substrates, whereas solvent-based TI is ideal on non-porous materials.


  • Reduced changeover time. Using generic packaging material with a print on demand solution can help reduce changeover time. Instead of finding, replacing and returning varying boxes or bags, you can simply change the code on the printer and immediately start running the new product.
  • Digital printers can also store content for each product on the line, making message changes fast and easy.
  • Quick packaging changes. When using pre-printed bags or boxes, changes to the pre-printed information requires ordering new inventory and potentially throwing away the old material still in stock. With generic packaging and a Thermal Inkjet printer, all that is required is a simple adjustment to the content of the variable code information.
  • Reduction in packaging inventory. By using generic packaging on some or all products, companies can help eliminate the need for safety stock of multiple films. The amount of packing material in the facility can be reduced, leading to less warehousing space, inventory management and money tied up in inventory. In addition, buying fewer types of specialized packaging material could potentially enable producers to receive volume discounts from their packaging supplier.

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Inline Thermal InkJet

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