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Location Labels can assist you with your location management and inventory controls.   For efficiency and automation; the warehouse, shipping and distribution industries need a reliable system. This ensures things are found quickly and rapidly moved to where they need to be. Making sure you pick and send the correct product and ensure your product gets to the right location.

You’ve gone to a lot of trouble to get this far; developing the business, closing the order, manufacturing your goods. Don’t let it down on this last step of the process.

Saito understands the importance of accuracy and the pains involved in setting up that optimal warehouse. Talk to us about your “wish list”, things that you may have been told aren’t possible – we could assist you with.

Do you want a “permanent removable” label? 

Do you need freezer labels that work at below negative 20 degrees? 

Could you use scanners that scan from a large distance, saving you a climb up the racking? 

Do you need a way for your label to move from rack to product, the entire way through your distribution?

Saito work very hard to understand the “life” of your product and in turn the full requirements of the labels you need. Be it, applied to plastic pallet wrapping, treated timber, or warehouse racking, these labels must do their job.

For extra reassurance, Saito’s GS1 barcode certification and verification mean that your barcodes will comply with global standards. This integrates your barcodes with your wider supply chain, creating smoother stock and asset management.

    Location Label Videos

    Products Available:

    • Floor location labels; with durability designed in mind, you can drive your forklift over this and continue to scan!
    • Vertical, or upright cards (AKA – Totem cards); for location barcoding. Arrows and colour coding to quickly direct your staff.
    • Retro Reflective labels and signs; for long distance barcode scanning
    • Location and Product Identification labels; Re-positionable labels (or “permanently removable”), move from rack to product, to quality documents for full traceability – these are Ever-Peel labels, check out the video above.
    • Thermal printers (industrial, desktop, portable)


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