Loop Around & Strung Tags


How do you attach those tags in tricky applications; strung with elastic or thread and you can have loop around tags.

Loop around tags are often seen in plant nursery’s attached to young trees, or in a steel yard attached to pipping and on your luggage at a hotel or airport. These loop tags offer a solution that is able to be supplied in rolls to print variable information on at the source, but in a design allowing you to attach to various objects.

If your tags don’t require variable information printed you can always have them strung with string or elastic. Giving you a large variation of sizes to choose from, as well as custom designs. At Saito we can help you with all these requirements, suppling tags with metal eyelets too if you need the extra strength.

You can have tags for machinery that needs maintenance or use them to help you work on business improvement projects using Kaizen or Lean, the list is endless. If you need a printer to print your information on tags we can help with this too. Supplying a range of printers and ribbons to suit any requirement.

All products are manufactured using a premium product developed specifically for Saito’s clients, Handi-Flex™.

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Loop Around & Strung Tags