Portable Data Terminals


A Portable Data Terminal (PDT), is an electronic device that is used to enter or retrieve data. Boundaries against the smartphone can be blurred when comparing the wide array of common features and functions. PDTs distinguish themselves with a pre-defined requirement for long term constant daily operation – such as barcode reading – and especially at a distance. Or where they operate in a harsh environment and require a higher than normal impact rating/drop test rating together with an ingress protection rating of no less than IP54.

PDTs traditionally fall into two camps, (a) where they are operating outside the walls operated on a wireless wide area network WWAN like 3G or 4G. These are traditionally sign-on glass for delivery drivers with a close-range scanner of less than a metre, and (b) within the walls where they are operating on a wireless local area network WLAN most commonly referred to as Wi-Fi. These are traditionally used in logistics operations and have a near and far scan engine. It is actually 2D imager that provides integrated near/far scanning technology featuring unparalleled flexibility to read 1D and 2D bar codes, omnidirectionally at distances from 6 inches to over 50 feet (15 cm to 15m). A tool that can read a high-density container lock barcode as easily as it does a pallet on the fifth shelf, at any angle – even upside down!

Saito Technical Limited represent a wide range of brands and work hard to deliver the right tool for your requirements and budget.

Saito is a major supplier of coding technologies, we offer label design software, label printers, scanners, and labels or tags. We have over thirty years’ experience and expertise in the coding supplies market.


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Portable Data Terminals

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