Safer surfaces easily with Power Mister by Nordic Chem

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Power Mister by Nordic Chem
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Safe surfaces just got easier

Safer surfaces are easier to achieve with Nordic Chem – a long-lasting, water-based, anti-microbial surface protectant.

And it’s finally available in New Zealand.

The formula works by creating a protective coating on any surface, from seating, handles and EFTPOS machines, to food trolleys, and classroom and kitchen surfaces.

This hygienic coating is applied wet and when dry it works with 99.8% efficacy for up to 60 days. After 60 days simply reapply. Everyday disinfectants only kill bacteria when they are wet – when dry they provide no lasting barrier, leaving surfaces subject to immediate recontamination.

Once dry, Nordic Chem forms an invisible layer that kills pathogens and prevents contaminants from embedding into substrates.

All surfaces will require less cleaning, be more hygienic, and benefit from improved aesthetic appearance.

Protection for up to 60 days

Entirely safe on all surfaces

Nordic Chem can be applied and bonds to almost any surface – metal, plastics, ceramic, glass, tile. It is entirely MPI approved for use:

  • In export meat, poultry, and plants industries
  • On surfaces in contact with edible products
  • With live animals when cured (dry)

Power Mister brandmark

Nordic Chem’s Power Mister is small, easy to use and portable. It is ideal for hard to reach places and high touch points. The Power Mister is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a run time of 4 hours. The battery state is easy to check by the LED indicator on the handle.

Nordic Chem surface protectant solutions

There are 3 Nordic Chem application options available:

  • The Nordic Chem Power Mister – ready-to-use, spray, and dry with protection for up to 60 days.
  • A professional application by a team of trained professionals – 90 days of surface protection in 30 minutes.
  • Engage in a professional application and top up by having the Nordic Chem Power Mister ready-to-use product on hand whenever you need it.


Saito is the proud distributor of the Nordic Chem Power Mister.

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