Present & Print Thermal InkJet


Present & Print Thermal InkJet is Saito’s term for our desktop type portable marking systems.  These are popular for printing directly on small products, cartons or bottles.  They are perfect for smaller runs or precision positioning.

Legible codes are vital in all industries, especially as tracking and traceability are becoming more important. Producers need to trust in the accuracy of their marking system, confident that the correct code is applied in the correct location on the correct product.


SUBSTRATES (What this printer is meant to print on): Non-porous materials like plastic, rigid plastic, metal & aluminium, bags & pouches, and glass.

Saito is a major supplier of InkJet technologies, we offer label design software, label printers, printer ribbons, and labels. We have over thirty years’ experience and expertise in the coding supplies market.


Present & Print Product Brochures:
ALT390HP Desktop InkJet Printer

Present & Print Thermal InkJet

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