Saito Timber Solutions

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Saito have created a range of labels, tickets, tags and machinery to cope with the harshest of climates and conditions.  We offer the Timber and Forestry industry products that are tried, proven and tested.

Saito Timber Solutions

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  • Saito developed HANDi-Flex™ Tags to meet the most demanding of requirements. HANDi-Flex™ Tags are virtually indestructible withstanding rain and sun for many months. Our customers have told us that in harsh weather conditions the tag pulls out the staples before it tears!
  • Saito have a wide range of common sizes and HANDi-Flex™ is also suitable for packs of timber being air-dried and stored for long periods. It is Strong I Durable I Flexible.

Log tags & tickets

for JAS tracking


  • Tags and tickets that are designed to work in your environments, we have a range of weights specially developed for these harsh conditions, using a premium product developed specifically for Saito’s clients; Handi-Flex.
Lumber yard wood on pallets


Labelling & Tags


  • Timber pack labels produced in long-life synthetic face stock are available in a variety of colours. These are supplied in rolls which are designed to be printed on site using any of the commercially available label printers. Saito have an extensive range of common sizes used by mills across Asia Pacific.
Timber in warehouse

Product Labels


  • Saito produce retail quality barcode labels to apply to finished wood products. These labels are able to be removed from the timber product leaving no residual adhesive.
Log Tags

Colour coded

treatment tags & tickets


  • Treated timber tags that comply with all regulations are supplied as part of a complete labour-saving solution. Saito specialises in this media which can be blank white and printed onsite or pre-printed in a range of colours. Optional safety and handling compliance information can be printed on the back of your tag.

FasTagger II


  • The FasTagger II automatically staples the tag to timber with metal staples, cuts it, and then feeds the next tag into position. A special feed mechanism increases speed while decreasing chances for tag jam up. The FasTagger II is designed to let you change tag length or tag width in less than ten seconds.
G 23 P PolymerStaples 3



  • Alternatively, the  HANDi-Fastener™ is a manual option for smaller operations.  Saito can supply a HANDi-Fastener™ for Polymer Staples or Metal Staples.
G 23 P PolymerStaples 1



  • Saito have a range of HANDi-Fasten™ Staples to suit all requirements.

Industrial & Desktop

thermal label printers


  • Saito supply and service label and tag printers. We are able to source from a wide brand range. However, our preferred brand is TSC. These are available in desktop, light industrial and full industrial grades. TSC printers come with FREE basic label making software for integration to databases or more complex applications; Saito are agents for Nicelabel.

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