Saito Technical

Supply a comprehensive range of Inkjet and TT/TD printing systems, scanners,
rugged tablets as well as provide service support

Saito Warehouse & Distribution

Supply both Saito and Meto brand hand labeller systems and related products

Saito Manufacturing

Create a range of practical lines, such as labels and tags used in a wide range
of applications and industries


Saito Tags are designed with this in mind.

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See what we can help you with – “beyond the box” solutions

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Saito – Your Productivity Improvement Partner

Saito is an incredibly forward thinking and dynamic company, that remains a privately-owned NZ family business, in its second generation of leadership. In short, Saito specialise in operational productivity improvements – and have developed a spectrum of solutions that range from the manual tried and true methods to ground breaking automations. From the humble date coder to direct package printing, Saito have spent the past 33 years listening to our customers, their challenges and their visions, then delivered solutions. In many cases these are derived in part or in full from a global network of partners that we collaborate with.

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