Saito will be operating until December 23rd and we will reopen with skeleton staff for January from 5th 2022. While we will do our best to meet requested delivery dates, orders received after the 8th of December may not be on your site before Christmas.

We expect courier delays around this time of year, however these have been compounded by lockdown restrictions. Where possible please allow for extended courier lead-times, to help us get your deliveries on time. For Orders please email us at

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Level 3 in our joint efforts to combat Covid-19 Delta

  • Saito will continue Level 4 restrictions – but we can now provide the critical labels and tags for your business and you can order with the certainty we are taking all the steps to make sure our bubbles are protected!

If we can help you in this challenging time – just ask.

Saito – Your Productivity Improvement Partner

Saito is an incredibly forward thinking and dynamic company, that remains a privately-owned NZ family business, in its second generation of leadership. In short, Saito specialise in operational productivity improvements – and have developed a spectrum of solutions that range from the manual tried and true methods to ground breaking automations. From the humble date coder to direct package printing, Saito have spent the past 33 years listening to our customers, their challenges and their visions, then delivered solutions. In many cases these are derived in part or in full from a global network of partners that we collaborate with.

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