Saito label and tag solutions

As functional label and tag manufacturers for over 35 years, relationships and sustainability drive the development of our specialist knowledge and innovation of vital identification and tracking solutions.  

Making tomorrow better, today

We’re in the business of making tomorrow better, today. We do this by working sustainably, with the wellbeing of our people and planet at the centre of all we do.

By harnessing our long-term experience of making labels and tags via circular sustainable initiatives, we positively impact the carbon footprint of every one of our clients. Forming transformational relationships amongst our team and our customers ensures we’re constantly being challenged to find ways to overcome the trickiest of labelling, inventory, and supply chain issues.

Living and working to protect our environment is an everyday practice, embodied by our Kerepehi factory that’s leading the way in sustainable label and tag production and waste management methods.

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The Saito way

Our reputation for delivering consistent, reliable labelling solutions that meet the long-term business growth and sustainability goals of our customers is something we love to build on.

We’re locally owned and operated and highly motivated to be good to both people and the environment, always aiming to give back more than we take, one label and tag at a time.

Since our inception three decades ago, we have balanced our core principles around people, planet, and profit, and have built a reputation for delivering consistent, reliable labelling solutions that meet the long-term business growth and sustainability goals of our customers.

We provide a tightly controlled HACCP hub where the air is cleaned of pathogens and UV light provides antimicrobial treatments to raw materials to deliver labels and tags that are medical grade for the healthcare and food industries.

We have the capability to manufacture our own raw labelling materials on site, reducing costs for our customers, and mitigating issues related to stability of supply, even in the most unstable of times.

If you need label and tagging solutions that will drive positive change and productivity, increase efficiency, create ease of process, and save you time and money via streamlined workflow systems, talk to us.

Real change starts at home

We work with the best of New Zealand’s environmental and waste redirection innovators to ensure we’re leading the way in sustainable label and tag manufacturing. We’re harnessing our own advances and knowledge to help our clients do the same.

You can count on us to find unique, intelligent systems to support the transportation of critical business data and information through often complex supply chains, while balancing the care of people, planet and profit all at the same time.

The People aspect of our strategy refers to our social responsibility, which means prioritising the wellbeing of our employees, customers, communities, and other stakeholders who are impacted by our operations.

Actively considering and monitoring our impact, we promote the fair treatment of employees, create a healthy work/life balance, ensure an ethical supply chain, and prioritise the safety of customers and staff. We additionally seek to support local businesses and make conscious decisions around our environmental impact.

Considering the impact of our operations on the environment, the Planet aspect of our strategy ensures we commit to our environmental responsibility. We actively take practical and measurable steps to minimise negative environmental impacts and contribute to the protection and preservation of natural resources and ecosystems.

Looking at how we use resources, the generation of waste, and the emission of greenhouse gases, we believe that all businesses have a responsibility to minimise negative impacts on the environment for future generations.

Not only concerned about our own environmental footprint, but also that of our customers and vendors, our solutions and products play a positive role in addressing environmental challenges such as climate change and resource depletion, ultimately leading to long-term profitability and success.

We promote this strategy internally and through our supply chain relationships and interactions, showcasing our dedication by investing in infrastructure that publicly displays this deep-set commitment.

As we are always concerned with your bottom line, the Profit aspect of our strategy refers to our economic responsibility, including financial performance and the ability to generate profit.

We actively work to improve our customers profitability by creating procurement and vendor relationships to ensure all business practices are sustainable and contribute to long-term growth.

  • 15,000kg of saveBOARD products (packaging waste) used on the factory in Kerepehi.
  • We can measure the power we buy, use and feed back to the grid.
  • We are slowly converting our company car fleet over to EV’s and have started with the highest milage staff member, by replacing their car with a brand new MG4.

What our clients say about us

“The price of the labels, the time taken to complete, and the labour costs have all been excellent. The service, communication and help from the team at Saito has been exceptional – friendly, professional, and prompt.”
Country Manager | FMCG | Frozen Goods
“That little extra step Saito took to understand my application and what I wanted to do (not just what I wanted quoted) meant that the solution they presented saved me thousands!!”
Operations Manager | Pharmaceuticals
“You know it is a good solution supplied by a good company when I never have to deal with any noise around performance or service. And if there is an issue the response and the approach is on point. That is Saito.”
Commercial Manager