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Sunlight through a forest canopy to show Saito's focus on sustainability and growth

Yes, you can profit from sustainability.

Discover the path to profitability through sustainability with Saito. Benefit from eco-friendly innovation, risk reduction, and long-term brand enhancement. Embrace cost-effective solutions and stay ahead of industry trends.

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Solar PV System Production

May 2024

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15,000kg of saveBOARD products used

15,000kg of packaging waste made from:

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Looking at our Carbon Footprint Today

2,050m2 of saveBOARD products used on walls and ceilings.

5,500 kg of CO2 saved from the carbon footprint of the building.

Solar Panels are being used to power our factory and we are actively feeding electricity back to the grid.

We are slowly converting our company car fleet over to EV’s and have started with the highest milage staff member, by replacing their car with a brand new MG4.

Company Car Fleet
Electric Vehicles 16.67%