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My Learnings as a Label Expert in Logistics and Warehouse Labelling

By Sarah Spencer – CEO Saito Labels & Tags

Mistakes to Avoid and Reasons to Reach Out to SAITO Labels in NZ


As a label expert in logistics and warehouse management, I’ve seen firsthand how crucial proper labelling is to the efficiency and organization of warehouse operations. Over the years, I’ve encountered various challenges and learned valuable lessons that can benefit anyone looking to optimize their warehouse labelling systems. Here, I’ll share some common mistakes to avoid and why reaching out to SAITO Labels in New Zealand can make a significant difference. There is a reason over 90% of our business is referrals.

Common Mistakes in Warehouse Labelling
  1. Using Low-Quality Labels
    • Issue: Low-quality labels may fade, peel off, or become unreadable over time.
    • Invest in durable, fit for purpose high-quality labels designed to withstand the warehouse environment. Durable barcoded labels, for instance, ensure longevity and readability, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  3. Poor Label Placement
    • Issue: Incorrect placement of labels can lead to scanning errors and inefficiencies in locating items.
    • Solution: Place labels at eye level and ensure they are easily accessible. Consider using multi-level rack labels that can be scanned from the floor level for high shelves.
  5. Inconsistent Labelling Systems
    • Issue: Inconsistent labelling can confuse warehouse staff and lead to inventory inaccuracies.
    • Solution: Standardize your labelling system across the entire warehouse. Consistency in label formats, fonts, and placements ensures that everyone can easily understand and use the labels effectively.
  7. Ignoring Environmental Factors
    • Issue: Labels not suited for specific environments (e.g., cold storage) can fail prematurely.
    • Solution: Choose labels that are specifically designed for the conditions of your warehouse. For instance, cold storage labels are built to perform in sub-zero temperatures.
Reasons to Reach Out to SAITO Labels in NZ
  1. Expertise and Experience
    • SAITO Labels has years of experience in providing high-quality labelling solutions tailored to the unique needs of warehouses. Their expertise ensures that you receive the best advice and products for your specific requirements.
  3. Custom Solutions
    • SAITO Labels offers customized labelling solutions that can be designed to fit your warehouse’s specific needs, including labels for different types of racking systems, environmental conditions, and operational workflows.
  5. High-Quality Products
    • The company provides durable and reliable labels that can withstand harsh warehouse environments. Whether you need labels for standard racking, cold storage, or high-traffic areas, SAITO Labels has products that will meet your needs.
  7. Comprehensive Support
    • From the initial consultation to implementation and ongoing support, SAITO Labels offers comprehensive services to ensure that your labelling system is efficient and effective. Their team can assist with layout planning, label placement strategies, and regular maintenance schedules.
  9. Barcode and Data Experts
    • With over 30 years of experience in data, barcode symbologies, control, and systems, SAITO has more experience than anyone else in New Zealand. It does not matter how ‘fit for purpose’ your labels are, or how seamless your flow through design. If the barcodes do not scan, there is not a single thing that can be done to fix this.

Proper labelling is a cornerstone of efficient warehouse management. By avoiding common mistakes and investing in high-quality, durable labels, you can significantly enhance your warehouse operations. For those in New Zealand, SAITO Labels offers expert guidance, customized solutions, and high-quality products that can help you achieve a well-organized and efficient warehouse.

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