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Diversifying your portfolio

Just as with most financial investments we might choose to make in life, having all your eggs in one basket doesn’t usually make sense. The same applies to your business label requirements and suppliers. Picking the right mix of expertise and areas of focus lifts the level of quality across the board. 

Making tomorrow better, today, has always been the mantra at the heart of our brand. The Saito of the future is built on a constantly evolving experience and knowledge about labels, which comes from responding to the problems we solve for our clients. There’s almost nothing we can’t solve when it comes to a labelling issue.

That drive to innovate, along with teamwork and outstanding customer service, are what sets us apart. Even if it’s something that we’re been helping our customers with for a while, we’re not afraid to ask if there’s a better way, a tweak that could make all the difference.

Our innovation drive applies particularly in the area of sustainable technologies and business practices that have positive impacts for the entire business micro-economy within which we operate. We’re about better outcomes for all – people, planet, profits.

Our workforce gets stuck in to achieve results. Our ‘sleeves rolled up’ approach traverses the company from the most senior to the newest employee. We all know that a successful outcome affects everyone, and recognise the extra value that can be achieved through collaboration and teamwork.

It’s for these reasons that having a diversified portfolio of suppliers is a critical consideration. Expert vendors have a deep understanding of their products and can ensure that they are of highest quality. They are knowledgeable about the materials, design, and manufacturing processes, and can offer recommendations to ensure that the products meet the specific requirements of the customer. We can vouch for this and when it comes to working labels: if one of these elements fails in some way, everything fails, and the stakes can be extremely high. Whole supply chains or service delivery can fail in an instant.

Expert suppliers are often at the forefront of industry trends and innovations. They can provide the latest products and services and offer insights on how they can be used to improve business operations and solve problems. Taking a wider ranging view of how a labelling solution can be applied across a business requires deep expertise and knowledge.

A deep understanding of the industry, including regulations, standards, and best practices, as well as offering guidance and advice about how to comply with industry standards and regulations, is a prerequisite. Put simply, we ensure our customers are following applicable laws and regulations.

With this comes knowledge about cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and improved productivity. Three considerations that are always top of mind. Our approach is always personalised and tailored. No one size fits all.

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