Warehouse manager scanning warehouse rack label

Labels that know how to pivot

As we all know, pivoting has become somewhat of as overused word in the business world since economic and other headwinds entered our lives in the 2020s. But it’s true that the modern working environment demands flexibility, nimbleness, and a persistent drive to reassess, innovate and respond to ever changing circumstances, needs, and conditions.

Therefore your suppliers and the tools of your trade should reflect this ethos and work hard for you, and labels are no different.

Enter our repositionable Everpeel labels. These labels aim to please, aim to adapt, to meet your warehouse’s evolving needs and therefore deliver value. Overall, repositionable racking labels are important for maintaining accurate inventory control, improving efficiency and productivity, and reducing costs in warehouse and inventory management operations.

Here’s a quick rundown about why you should be thinking about repositionable labels for your warehouse.

Flexibility: Repositionable racking labels can be easily removed and repositioned without leaving any residue, allowing for easy updates and changes. This is especially important in warehouse and inventory management where stock is frequently moved or updated.

Efficiency: With repositionable racking labels, employees can quickly and accurately identify the right product, location, and quantity, which helps to reduce errors and improve overall efficiency. This can lead to improved inventory accuracy and faster order fulfilment times.

Cost savings: Repositionable racking labels can help save costs by reducing the need for replacement labels and minimising the potential for errors, which can result in lost or damaged inventory. The initial investment will save money in the long run – no one likes scraping labels, and racking is an expensive business asset that should be protected.

Improved organisation: With clear and easy-to-read repositionable racking labels, warehouses and inventory spaces can be more effectively organised. This can help to improve workflow and reduce the time and effort required to locate items.

Safety: Clear, visible labels can help to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries by ensuring that employees can quickly and easily identify the correct products and locations. This is especially important in high-volume warehouses or in areas where heavy equipment is in use.


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